Strengths And Weaknesses

When trying to be successful in any industry, it is important to outline your strengths and weaknesses in order to improve yourself and make yourself out to be the best possible individual you can be. This is what I will do in this post to allow myself to develop as a film maker.

When thinking of my strengths, I often look at my people skills which I have developed over time and my experiences in life. I have worked in the customer service department for Tesco for over a year and a half, so I consider myself to be friendly and approachable which is useful when working in a competitive industry like film. This experience has also allowed me to develop my problem solving skills when dealing with different types of problems and complaints from customers, which is also a useful attribute to have when working in film where different problems and issues will have to be resolved in order to make a successful film. I am also a great team player through my time playing in a variety of different sports teams and building relationships with different people. This skill will help me make new friends while working with industry professionals and be able to make successful productions quickly and efficiently.

In terms of my weaknesses, I feel my creativeness lacks in some areas as I like to plan my ideas through instead of thinking on my feet. This could be problematic in the film industry as quick creative decisions need to make. I also get distracted by other projects and interests too easily, which will effect my efficiency and time management when working on a specific project. Sometimes I lack confidence in my projects when I create them as I feel they could be better or that people will not react them in the way I would like them too. This could cause to be problematic in the film industry when I am trying to put my ideas across to producers and other production members.


To allow myself to become the best I can be within the film industry, I will use my weaknesses to my advantage, to allow myself to become successful. However, I will also need to work on my weakness to either improve on them, or get rid of them all together so that I can better myself and develop those weaknesses into skills. These weaknesses are the areas I will aim to improve on and develop to improve on myself, which includes practicing on thinking on my feet, being more effective with time management, and self confidence in my work.


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