Past Work and experience

In this post I will be talking about all the relevant experiences I have had with film and editing, whether that be school work I have created for assignments like my photography work, or my interests and hobbies that have influenced my passion for film.

My interest of photography has come through studying the subject as an A-level, where I was able to learn the process of making a successful composition by combining different areas and skills in photography. I was also able to learn the process of editing my work through extensive use of Photoshop to create dark and surreal imagery. Photography is truly inspiring to me as I am able to look at each outcome as not just a still image, but a story. I have also experienced the theory of film making through studying media studies as an A-level, which has helped gain my knowledge and interest in film. In this I was able to gain basic knowledge of film theory and film editing. From this experience I have been able to apply the knowledge I gained to films I am currently studying and making. This has fuelled my passion for film making and is why I am pursuing the art of film in the hopes of being able to work on major productions in the future.

In terms of my hobbies, I feel watching films and playing games has helped me develop ideas of my own in terms of film, whether it be  a narrative structure used in an immersive game, or creative camera angles and shots used in films like in the movie Drive. Studying these aspects with the use of my film theory’s I have learnt from media studies will allow me to develop my skills as a film maker by being able to see what is successful within the industry. I also feel that my experience playing guitar will help me create effective sound scores for my film with the knowledge and experience of what sounds can be created to work with the emotion of a scene.


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