How To Develop

In my last blog post I talked about how on of my weaknesses was that I can get easily distracted by other project I am working on and other interests and hobbies that I may have. This is obviously problematic as this will have a negative impact on my time management skills. I think this weakness is something that I can easily change and improve on, so I will therefore in this post outline what specific areas are effecting my time management skills and start to develop a plan for how I can maximise my time and learning to benefit my aspirations as a film maker.

To optimise my time in order to focus on my learning, I will set out a time schedule that has clear slots for all of my work and hobbies. This will help me maximise my time and focus it towards my relevant learning topics. This will also allow me distractions to be kept at a minimum, as I will know what I am meant to be working on. I will also try to find a space that I can work in that has minimal distractions, so that I can be focused on the relevant work I need to be doing to maximise my learning, in order to become a successful film maker. In terms of using timing effectively, I will also try to learn what times of the day I work best in terms of effective and relevant work. I will then incorporate this into my schedule to plan what work or activity I should work on in these time periods. This will help maximise my schedule to be the most effective it can be.

Outlining and doing these different task will help me to improve on my weakness of time management, and possibly develop it into a strength which in turn will allow me to become an effective film maker due to being able to manage production.


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