My name is Aidan Joeseph Dolan. I am a student at SAE Institute Oxford studying digital film production. I am interested in the production side of film, from how equipment is used and set up too how to create a successful film. I am fascinated by how different shots are created with a whole range of techniques. I love a variety of different films; from newer block busters like Guardians of the Galaxy; with amazing special effects that managed to captivate the exciting colours of the comic book and bring them to the screen, to old classics like The Godfather; creatively using practical effects like fishing lines attached to blood packs to create gunshot wounds. My favourite films include American History x, The Godfather and The Dark Knight.  Aside from film, my interests are involved in music, gaming and cooking. I also like to practice guitar and photography in my spare time.

In terms of my aspirations in film, I would love to be involved in the production process in film making. This could be anything from being a runner or a camera operator to directing a film of my own. I would also love to be given the opportunity to travel around the world for my job. This is why I am excited to be given the opportunity to explore all the roles within film making to see which suites me the best, and to see what I enjoy the most. I hope to gain relative experience in different areas of film making so I can jump into different roles with at least basic knowledge to get the job done.

Being able to study at SAE is allowing me to be more creative whilst gaining the knowledge and experience to become a successful film maker. This is preparing me to become successful when working in the industry, which I uses to develop my carrier.